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A Beginners Guide To Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans are a type of commercial financing. Any property that falls between industrial and residential is known as a commercial property. A property other than a vacant land, a single family residence, a duplex, a triplex or a four-plex is considered as a commercial property. Commercial property is much hyped in metropolitan countries. The government sometimes even provides incentives to promote these areas.
If you are considering buying a property of four units or less, it is considered as a residential property. However a property of five units or more is considered as a commercial property. In simple words a multi-family project are considered to be commercial property loans, but not all commercial property loans are multi-family loans. Commercial property loans can be obtained at different variable interest rates as compared to residential loans.

If a property consists of a single apartment unit over a storefront then this kind of property is known as a mixed use property. A mixed use property is a commercial property and you would have to go to a commercial property lender to get a commercial property loan on such a property.

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