People Who Buy Houses

People Who Buy Houses

Looking for someone to buy your house? Can’t think of who would buy a house? Well I have a list of the best groups and types of people who buy houses. Take a look at the list and see if this helps you find the buyer for your home you’re looking for.

The groups of people who buy houses:


This high earning group of people have disposable income. Find these groups of people to buy your house from you.

Doctors buy houses

Doctors – doctors have disposable income that most invest into stocks and real estate.

Lawyers – with the legal right to put together and close deals without a real estate agent lawyers are prime real estate buyers.

Business owners – will always look for a good deal especially when it involves real estate.

Investors – most see investing in real estate as a sure investment and will buy your house cash if it’s a deal.


This group of people are going through a life event that usually requires or end up with them buying new homes.

Newly Retirees – after retiring lots of people move or downsizes from their current home.

Recently discharged veterans – with guaranteed loans from Uncle Sam newly discharged veterans are eager to take advantage of these benefits.

Newlyweds buy houses

Newlyweds – after marrying couples will go house hunting after the honeymoon.

Divorcees – after the split one gets the current home and the other will have to buy a new home.

The types of people who buy houses:

Outgoing people – looking to try new things and not afraid to make a mistake or look silly these types of people buy houses all of the time.

Financially stable – having the resources and stability to afford a home is required to buy a house.

Entrepreneurial – this type of people love to find new ways to make money. If they see a good deal in your house for them they will happily buy your house.

Handy – because this type of people like to build things and work with their hands even if your house needs a little work this type of people will buy your house.

Handy people buys houses

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