Why Isn’t My House Selling?

House Selling

The how to guide on what you have to do to sell your house

Today’s market is ripe with buyers and homes are selling like hot cakes. If you are not one of the homeowners benefiting off of the climate of today’s real estate market you may be wondering why things are so slow for you. I wrote this guide to give a few pointers on how you can sell your house even when no one’s been interested.

I made a checklist of a few important things to look at and adjust if necessary:





Let’s start with the first one and most obvious:


Curb appeal of house with nice landscape. Northwest, USA

Have you had someone come take a look at the place and everything went so well until they went in the attic? Or the basement? Well you may have a mechanical or structural issue that you have not noticed. Take action and make repairs or inform potential buyers of the problem in the ad. Maybe you haven’t even been able to get that far and no one even slows down to take a glance at your place. I can be 100% sure the home has no curb appeal. Try adding new windows to the front of the house, painting your house, planting a flowerbed or having some landscaping done. This will attract the attention of people shopping for a home and help you stand out from the rest.


Local real estate agent

This is the hardest for some. Everyone wants money and know exactly how much their home is worth. Don’t get blinded by your greed. Set a price that is reasonable and comparable with home sales in your neighborhood. If you are having trouble doing this call your local real estate agent for a complete market analysis of your home. This will ensure that your price is accurate and not inflated. Unreasonably priced homes run most buyers away. You won’t even get a 2nd look in this market let alone an offer.


A perfect neighborhood

A desirable neighborhood will drive a home sale price up higher than any amenity, appliance or square footage your home has. It is important to be aware of this. Where is your home located? Is it next to a public school and/or library or near an underpass and convenience stores? Realize that location is everything and set your price accordingly.


Potential home buyers.

How aware have you made potential buyers that your home is for sale? Not a lot? Well the more people you let know the higher chance you have to sell your home. Get the word out there!

If you’ve gone through the checklist and still haven’t found the reason why your home isn’t selling or need some help completing the steps in the checklist then my last suggestion is to contact a real estate expert. As the owner of USAOnlineREI.com my goal is to buy houses for cash but as Damean I am here to help. If you need help I am available for consultation simply fill out the contact us form with the subject line “consultation” and I will contact you shortly.

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