How to Easily Find Buyers in Albany New York to Buy Your House

As an investor in real estate and a handyman I meet a lot of other investors so when I have a deal is easy for me to sell the deal. But as a normal everyday homeowner how do you find buyers to buy your house? This is the perfect guide to find a buyer to buy your house.

The common ways to sell a home by placing a sign in the window or front lawn may not be good enough today if your home doesn’t have curb appeal. You’ll have to spread the word. There are 4 main ways to get the word out to find a buyer. Three of the ways you could do by yourself the other way is to have someone else do it for you.

Word of Mouth

Talk to your neighbors, you co-workers, friends and family. Let everyone you talk to know you are selling your home through a natural conversation. In the aisle at the the Market 32 grocery store you could have a conversation with the person to eventually buy your home.

Paid Ads 

If you have a budget to you can hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos of the inside and outside of your home. Use these pictures as ads in the pay for advertising company of your choice. There is the Times Union Newspaper, Facebook, Google, Craigslist, and many others. Adjust your budget accordingly to gain the exposure you need without breaking the bank.

Social Media

The last way you can find a buyer in Albany to buy your house yourself is to share the fact your house in Albany is up for sale. Get a set of high quality pictures of the house and post them to sites like Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter and Imgur this may attract the buyer to buy your house.


If you’re not very talkative or computer literate you can hire a brokerage in Albany, New York to do all of the 3 previous steps for you. There will be a commission to to pay for their services that is due at closing.  Most brokerages charge 5%-8% some however charges as high as 12%.

Theses are some of the ways I have used to sell houses or deals quickly. What are some of the ways that you have used to find buyers to buy your house?

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